Almost the weekend and the climax to the 2022 BC IRC Champions incorporating the Shanghai Cup, we need a shorter name next year. . . .

I’m still wating on breakfast orders from some boats, please make sure they are in by Wednesday evening.

All vessels entered into the Shanghai or Nimrod Cups that are non-resident to CBYC have been granted temporary membership for the duration of the event. This means that skippers are able to obtain a CBYC members card valid for the duration of the event. This card will allow access through the pedestrian gates and to the building, and also entitles the holder to 10% off drinks orders. There is a £10 refundable deposit for each card. The card can then be topped up at the bar in order to make use of the 10% discount.

If you let us know via the email address, Tim will have the cards, and will provide them to skippers on payment of the £10 deposit to him. When you are done with the card, you can return it to Tim for a return of the deposit.

To make life easier on the barstaff, and reduce queues at the bar, we request that cbyc members add money to their club cards on the run up to the weekend (i.e. tonight), or at Saturday breakfast.


The organising committee

Other information concerning the Cardiff Weekend is available at Cardiff Weekend Information