Travelling to Cardiff / Berthing

For those travelling to Cardiff, locking through Cardiff Barrage is mostly 24/7, depending on current silting in the Outer Harbour. Locks into Cardiff run on the Quarter too and Quarter past the Hour, and they can be contacted on VHF 18. Pre-booking is not required.

Race Boats are able to berth free of charge at CBYC for up to 2 weeks. Boats from Portishead also have the option of free mooring at Penarth Marina as part of their mooring arrangement with Boatfolk at Portishead


There are a few hotels in Cardiff Bay which are reasonable. These include Travelodge and Premier Inn which are a 40min walk from CBYC.

There are also some AirBnBs in the vicinity that may be an option as well.

Saturday 24th June

There will be breakfast rolls available prior to locking out. These must be pre-ordered by Wednesday 21 June. Orders must be done by boat/crew and can be collected between 07:30 and 08:00. These orders should be emailed to

The menu is: Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Hashbrown, Mushrooms, and costs £3 (2 items), £4 (3 items) or £5 (4 items). Tea/Coffee will be available at 50p.


Racing on Saturday is due to start at 09:30, therefore most boats will be locking out at 08:30. In order to lock out for racing, please contact Barrage Control on VHF 18. No locks will be booked on anyone’s behalf, all vessels need to call individually around 20 or 25 mins prior to the desired lock. Outbound locks are on the hour and half past, inbound locks are on the quarter past and quarter to.


Following racing on Saturday, there will be a presentation for the boatfolk Portishead to Cardiff Passage Race at the club once the race fleet has returned. There will be a BBQ at around the same time where competitors can purchase reasonably priced BBQ food.

Due to the early finish, we haven’t arranged an evening dinner, rather an afternoon social with BBQ and drinks. Please encourage all crew members to stay around for at least a drink or two following racing. The club will however be open all evening and offering drinks and hot food, it would be great to see you there until late.

Sunday 25th June

The Cardiff Triathlon will be in town on Sunday, and access to CBYC will be slightly restricted in the morning. We have agreed the use of alternative parking about a five or seven minute walk (depending on how much kit you are carrying) so please inform crews to leave a little extra time to get to the club, we don’t want them missing breakfast.

Final Confirmation of the particulars of the Sunday access arrangements will be communicated asap.

Breakfasts will be arranged as per Saturday, with collections between 08:30 – 09:00.

Racing is due to start at 10:30, so most boats will be locking out at 09:30. Locking information remains the same as Saturday.


The Shanghai Cup

Following on from racing, the prize giving will take place at the clubhouse in CBYC. Once again please encourage all crews to attend. As last year, there will be a light buffet of sausage, chips, beans & Curry Sauce. Unfortunately, due to cost increases, we are looking at a £1 per head contribution as the entry fees aren’t stretching quite as far as last year.

Please try to pre-order your tickets for this at the same time as you order breakfast by email to so that we can pre warn the kitchen of numbers and ensure a nice efficient roll out. Further tickets will be available from Tim or Anthony over the weekend.

At the presentation we will also be announcing the dates for next year’s event.